The increasing interest of industrial customers in high resolution X-ray testing of dense and complex parts led to the development and introduction of the innovative 300 kV microfocus X-ray tubes XWT-300-CT and XWT-300-THE Plus in 2014 and 2015.


300 kV, 35 Watt target power, 40 mm steel, D9 wires resolved, D12 visible

To assess and demonstrate the wide range of applications, an application study was performed by X-RAY WorX specialists in Garbsen. The study evaluates the penetration of steel plates with thickness up to 80 mm together with the achievable resolution, measured using a double wire IQI according to EN 462-5 resp. ISO 19232-5. Results from acceleration voltages of 200 kV and 300 kV at different power levels are compared.

The application reports for both tubes, XWT-300-THE Plus with high energy transmission target, and for XWT-300-CT with reflection target, are available on request from our partners or directly from X-RAY WorX. They contain the detailed setup and conditions of the tests performed several resolution images, and a summary of the complete set of experiments.

Setup of XWT-300-CT with 80 mm steel plates

Setup of XWT-300-CT with 80 mm steel plates