Young German company X-RAY WorX conquering the world market for high resolution X-ray tubes.

X-RAY WorX GmbH from Garbsen is the only manufacturer of open microfocus X-ray tubes for high resolution X-ray inspection, computed tomography, and complex radiographic applications with rod anode tubes that is not associated with any X-ray system vendor or system integrator.

Founders and directors of X-RAY WorX, that was established in February 2010, are the former Feinfocus employees Holger Behnsen and Thorsten Fröba. Both were involved in development, production, sales, and service of microfocus systems for many years. Thorsten Fröba has been working in the development of microfocus X-ray systems from the early 1990s together with Alfred Reinhold, the pioneer of industrial microfocus X-ray systems. Holger Behnsen is a sales and marketing professional and knows the market of microfocus X-ray systems for almost 10 years. Thorsten and Holger are supported by an excellent team of engineers that has been engaged in development, service and sales of  microfocus X-ray systems for a total of more than 70 years.

The objective of X-RAY WorX GmbH is the development and production of high resolution microfocus X-ray tubes, microfocus rod anode tubes, and special tubes for computed tomography. Users of these technologies can be found in different industries with highest requirements for quality and safety like Electronics, Automotive, and Aerospace as well as research institutes and universities with different topics.

X-RAY WorX offers a broad range of services in the area of microfocus technology. Amongs these are application and technical trainings, maintenance, repair, and spare parts for various X-ray systems.