With the development of an innovative cooling system for microfocus X-ray tubes X-RAY WorX optimizes the stability and accuracy of dimensional measurements with CT-systems.

X-RAY WorX presented its new concepts for the cooling of high resolution microfocus X-ray tubes for the first time during the international conference on new developments in industrial computed tomography in Wels/Upper Austria.

The stability of the X-ray tubes utilized in high resolution computed tomography (CT) scans has an important impact on the measurement accuracy. Thermal effect caused by several sources of heat inside the X-ray tube can significantly decrease the quality of measurement results. The new cooling procedure reduces thermal effects and leads to a higher quality of three dimensional CT datasets and measurement results.

"For our X-RAY WorX microfocus X-ray tubes we offer a new, modular cooling concept with an optimized internal cooling of the target inside the tube head. This concept will be shortly extended by further internal cooling units to compensate thermal effects directly at their origin", explains Jens Peter Steffen, sales manager of X-RAY WorX. For the further reduction of thermal effects on the measurement area X-RAY WorX offers an external cooling unit for the complete tube head. This external cooling unit is flexibly adaptable and can also be installed - among others - at microfocus X-ray tubes of the manufacturers Feinfocus and Yxlon.

The new cooling procedure is a significant step for all applications using industrial CT systems for the dimensional measurement of objects. This is particularly true for quality management where accurate measurement results are essential. The development will also have positive impact on measurements during first part audits, the construction of prototypes and many other fields of application. Due to their numerous advantages it is expected that high resolution industrial CT systems will increasingly replace classical measurement procedures.