The Czech company Crytur is one of the world-leading companies in crystal growth and high resolution imaging systems. Crytur offers X-ray cameras with spatial resolutions down to 1µm. In modern aircraft construction up to 90 percent of the components are made of fibre reinforced compounds. The control of the production process and the development of new compound materials require non-destructive testing methods at highest resolution. 

To promote research in the field of high resolution computed tomography (CT) using their X-ray cameras, Crytur decided for a flexible and high resolution microfocus X-ray tube of type XWT-160-XC produced by X-RAY WorX. The X-ray source has been installed in Crytur's laboratory CT-system and will support an international research project in the area of fibre reinforced compound materials.

"We were convinced by the flexibility of X-RAY WorX in terms of anode materials and cooling options", explains Jan Touš, technical manager at Crytur. "The experts of X-RAY WorX recommended a setup that supports a wide range of applications from low kV to high energy." Crytur and X-RAY WorX will continue to cooperate closely to adapt the X-ray source to highly demanding future applications