... in Great Britain, India and Russian Federation

The successful manufacturer of microfocus X-ray tubes, X-RAY WorX, extends its international network and activities, to offer customers in their key markets worldwide optimal support. The German company from Garbsen relies on experienced partners for sales and service, who have a long experience in microfocus technology. X-RAY WorX focuses on the most important industrialized countries and the upcoming so-called BRIC countries (Brasil, Russia, India, China).

 In Great Britain X-RAY WorX is represented by the company Euroteck Systems. Euroteck Systems was established more than ten years ago in Tamworth, located north east from Birmingham. The directors Collin Samson and Gary Wehrle have more than 20 years of experience in non-destructive testing and are supported by an experienced team of technicians.

Thanks to long-standing personal relationship X-RAY WorX could win the company Shield Alloys as a partner for the Indian subcontinent. Shield Alloys has excelled as a competent and reliable partner for products of the former company Feinfocus for more than ten years and knows microfocus technology from scratch.

The Russian Federation is a very ambitious national economy among the oft-quoted BRIC countries. The development of automotive and electronics industry are heavily pushed in Russia, as well the oil and gas-industries where X-ray technology plays an important role in non-destructive testing. The company Rentest located in Nishniy Novgorod supplies various equipment for non-destructive testing with a focus on X-ray systems. The cooperation between Rentest and X-RAY WorX offers customers the complete range of products and services to guarantee the safe and stable operation of their X-ray inspection systems.