The innovative and ambitious company X-RAY WorX develops microfocus technology also in terms of usability and maintainability.

The latest improvement is the automatic venting of open microfocus tubes, which significantly facilitates the maintenance procedure.

Until now the venting of open X-ray tubes had to be performed manually during maintenance before replacing spare parts. Inaccuracies during this procedure could lead to damages of the turbopump and to serious failure of the tube. X-RAY WorX has identified this potential source of defect and eliminates it by introducing an electronically controlled venting valve. The tubes are vented in an optimal way by considering the rotation speed of the turbo pump. This innovation results in reduction of down time and increases the operating life of the turbo pump.

To facilitate the maintenance procedure and increase the operating life, from now on all microfocus X-ray tubes supplied by X-RAY WorX will be delivered with electronically controlled venting valve.