The company X-RAY WorX GmbH extends its range of products by high resolution microfocus X-ray tubes with 240kV acceleration voltage.

The new X-ray tubes of the XWT-series extend the application of computed tomography systems and allow penetrating higher wall-thicknesses in two- and three-dimensional X-ray analysis.

In connection with the brand-new external cooling of the tube head the 240kV X-ray tubes are the perfect choice for CT systems for dimensional measurement with highest accuracy. Die components of the tube were carefully selected and tested. Furthermore the high voltage generator was certified by the original supplier for the higher acceleration voltage.

Almost all types of microfocus X-ray tubes offered by X-RAY WorX are now available with 240kV acceleration voltage. This includes X-ray tubes with reflection target as well as rod anode tubes for X-ray inspection in areas that are difficult to access.