X-RAY WorX introduces the new high resolution Superfocus rod anode tubes for digital radiography (DR) of circumferential welds in aerospace-industry and tube manufacturing.

The main objective of the new development was “the maximum flexibility at highest detail resolution”, says Thorsten Froeba, Technical Director. X-RAY WorX expects an increase of X-ray testing applications with digital flat panel detectors after the new European standard EN 17636-2 was approved later this year. But also film-based applications will remain standard in many companies. 

A unique feature of the new rod anode tubes are exchangeable tube heads. For exposure on film according to EN 17636-1 (that replaced EN 1435) different panoramic targets are available. For the application of digital flat panel detectors according to EN 17636-2 special reflection targets are offered. Due to the new type of construction the Superfocus technology allows rod anodes with length up to 1.5 meters. Areas of the inspected component that are very hard to access can be analyzed using single-wall penetration with a much higher quality than with double-wall penetration.

The rod anode tube achieves focal spot sizes of less than 40 microns at 50 Watt tube power and less than 140 microns at 300 Watt tube power when operated with a reflection target. With a panoramic target less than 80 microns at 50 Watt tube power can be achieved (measurements according to EN 12543-5). Due to the patented internal cooling of the rod anode, sealings and target a continuous and highly stable operation is guaranteed.  

XWT-225-RAC Superfocu