The Development Center for X-ray Technology (EZRT), a cooperative department of the Fraunhofer Institutes for Integrated Circuits IIS (Erlangen) and Non-destructive Testing IZFP (Saarbrücken and Dresden) has installed the new high resolution X-ray tube XWT-100-TCHR supplied by X-RAY WorX.

The Development Center for X-ray Technology in Erlangen, Germany, develops new methods of X-ray inspection for non-destructive testing of various materials and for the monitoring of production processes. The highly stable submicron X-ray tube XWT-100-TCHR is mainly used in long-term computed tomography scans. The areas of application cover the high resolution analysis of low absorbing materials like semiconductor components.

To ensure stability of the focal spot position and intensity during long scans the XWT-100-TCHR is equipped with a special cooling system for the tube head and a vibration-free water cooling of the turbo roughing pump. Using the JIMA RT RC-02B test chart, a standard resolution test for high resolution X-ray tubes, the XWT-100-TCHR allows to image line pairs with a distances of 0,5 microns and 0,4 microns. Details of this analysis  were published by members of EZRT on the World Conference on NDT in April 2012 (refer to Proceedings of WCNDT 2012).

The new X-ray tube delivers maximum  acceleration voltage of 100 kV. Furthermore the High Magnification transmission target allows geometric magnification of up to 5.000 times at 50 cm distance between detector and X-ray source (FDD) and 10.000 times at b100 cm FDD. Regarding maximum magnification XWT-100-TCHR clearly outperforms other current microfocus tubes by more than factor two. High magnification is of major importance when inspecting new materials like fiber-enforced plastics or nano-materials.