The new resolution test chart JIMA RT RC-05 allows measurement of focal spot sizes at higher power. Resolutions between 3 and 50 microns can now be proven by bundles of lines. This approximately correlates to focal spot sizes between 6 and 100 microns.

Regular calibration of high resolution X-ray systems is an important condition to ensure quality of testing results and products. Resolution test charts are frequently used to measure the focal spot size of microfocus X-ray inspection systems. These structures are of micrometer dimension and are used to determine the maximum resolution of an X-ray system or to assess the resolution at different levels of power.

In combination the well-known resolution test chart JIMA RT RC-02 and the new JIMA RT RC-05 allow calibration of X-ray systems with a high flexibility regarding power and resolution. The high energy transmission tubes of type XWT-160-THE offered by X-RAY WorX allow resolutions between 2 and 25 microns at power up to 80W. Focal spot sizes of XWT-160-THE may now be approved by using a harmonized procedure at all energy levels.

The new resolution test chart JIMA RT RC-05 may be ordered from X-RAY WorX.

JIMA-RT-RC-05-Layout JIMA_Layout-and_Case_RT_RC05

JIMA RT RC-05 test chart (first image) and layout and case (second image)