Garbsen, 30th April 2013. At this year's Future Day on 25.04.2013, four young students visited X-RAY WorX GmbH to get a brief insight into the daily business of the company and to learn how microfocus X-ray tubes are designed and produced.

In teams of two, the young talents assembled a warning lamp, an important component of every X-ray system. In this way they gained practical knowledge about electric circuits. Together with X-RAY WorX software developers they also programmed the control of the warning lamp. In addition they won hands-on insight to the programming of artificial intelligence using the programming environment AntMe!. In manufacturing, once again the young engineers were allowed to take matters in hand by assembling the cooling element for an X-ray tube. Afterwards they tested their results for leaks using an air pressure sys-tem. In addition, the students mounted different components on an X-ray tube. All in all they got a very realistic impression of everyday routine at X-RAY WorX.

"Especially with the practical activities we hope to arouse enthusiasm for technical jobs among young people. As a medium-sized high-tech company it is very important for us to win young professionals for technical areas, who enjoy developing new ideas and technologies with high commitment", says Holger Behnsen, managing director of X-RAY WorX GmbH.

Zukunftstag 2013 bei der X-RAY WorX GmbH in Garbsen/ Hannover

In front of the x-ray system, back row from left to right: Thorsten Fröba, technical director, Holger Behnsen, managing director, and student Freya.
Front row from left to right: students Kieron, Mika, and Christian.