Together with its French partner INTERCONTRÔLE - IC ESCOFFIER, X-RAY WorX presented their microfocus rod anode X-ray tubes at the COFREND Days 2014 in Bordeaux / France (Conference for non-destructive testing) from 20/05 until 22/05/2014.

With more than 60 well-known exhibitors and over 1,000 international trade visitors, the COFREND Days – taking place every three years – are the most important events in France in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT). During the technical conference and trade show, exhibitors present the latest technological developments, NDT-processes and inspection systems for several industrial sectors. The range of applications extends across a variety of industries such as automotive, rail, gas, civil engineering, marine, nuclear, petrochemical, iron and steel industry, but also art, medicine and pharmacy as well as the aerospace industry.

COFREND 2014 - Booth of Areva NDE Solutions COFREND 2014 - Booth of Areva NDE Solutions

"Since microfocus rod anode tubes are frequently used in aerospace industry, which is one of the key aspects at COFREND, this event is the perfect platform for our products", said Holger Behnsen, commercial director of X-RAY WorX. "This is the right place to meet the important people of this industry. Together with the experienced colleagues of our French partner INTERCONTRÔLE - IC ESCOFFIER, we had many successful discussions with customers and prospects about technological aspects and applications for microfocus rod anode tubes."

Since 2013, X-RAY WorX cooperates with INTERCONTRÔLE - IC ESCOFFIER. IC ESCOFFIER is a division of the company INTERCONTRÔLE, which belongs to AREVA NDE-Solutions of AREVA corporate group. The company specialized in non-destructive testing of nuclear power plants, and has many years of experience and a very extensive technical expertise in microfocus X-ray technology. Together, both companies offer innovative inspec-tion solutions, combining technological experiences with latest developments in non-destructive testing. First projects have already been implemented successfully. With the participation at the booth of INTERCONTRÔLE - IC ESCOFFIER at COFREND Days 2014, X-RAY WorX could further intensify the cooperation and personal contact. 

Booth of AREVA NDE-Solutions at COFREND Days 2014, Bordeaux, France