Due to the long lifetime of X-ray systems using open microfocus X-ray tubes a significant amount of older X-ray systems is still operative with remarkable success. We offer you long-term support with preventive maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts and application trainings.

The following X-ray systems are actively supported by X-RAY WorX

Microfocus X-ray tubes

  • Feinfocus FXE-160.20/25, FXE-225.20/25
  • Comet/Yxlon FXE-160.45/48/50/51 incl. rod anodes
  • Comet/Yxlon FXE-225.45/48/50/51 incl. rod anodes

Microfocus X-ray systems

  • Multilayer measurement and drilling system FXS-100.82
  • Feinfocus FXS-100.10/11
  • Feinfocus FXS-100.20/21/22/23/24, FXS-160.20/21/22/23/24
  • Feinfocus FXS-160.30/31/32, FXS-225.30/31/32
  • Feinfocus FXS-160.50/51/52
  • Feinfocus FXS-160.72, FXS-200.72
  • Feinfocus F3D-160.10 (µ3D Visualizer)
  • Comet FXS-160.40 (Tiger)
  • Comet/Yxlon VXP-160.16 (Cougar FA)
  • Comet/Yxlon VXP-160.15 (Cougar SMT) incl. CT-module
  • Comet/Yxlon FOX-160.25, FOX-225.25 (Fox), incl. CT-module
  • Yxlon Y.Cheetah, incl. CT-module 

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