Our service packages offer you clear advantages and a well-defined scope of delivery at a fixed price. For details please contact Marc Fisker from the X-RAY WorX service team.

CT-Booster for µCT systems

Your advantages
  • Modern 64-bit software VGStudio with many helpful functions for the visualization and analysis of three-dimensional data sets
  • Automatic reconstruction of CT-data without analysis of sinograms
  • Up to 50% savings in reconstruction time compared to older systems of Prexion/TeraRecon
  • Visualization of complete data sets with 1024³ voxels
  • Easy distribution of results with pack&go function and optional viewer myVGL
  • Extensibility with powerful modules like actual vs. fit analysis with CAD models or dimensional measurement
  • High-end 64-bit workstation without proprietary hardware
  • Continuous development of new software features by Volume Graphics
  • Easy upgrade of your CT-system
Scope of service
  • 64-Bit High-end workstation with Microsoft Windows 7 and ergonomic 24“ monitor
  • VGStudio 2.1 software package including reconstruction and visualization
  • Interface module for the automatic reconstruction of existing CT-scans
  • Installation and test of the package
  • Training course VGStudio, 2 days on-site
  • We support systems with µCT-module of the manufacturers Comet and Yxlon

Raising Efficiency by Oil-free Vacuum Unit

Your advantages
  • Absolutely oil free vacuum
    • reduces contamination of the X-ray tube
    • minimizes probability of arcing
  • Low-vibration and low-noise operation reduces unsharpness of high magnifying applications and increases quality of your CT-scans
  • Low temperature development
    • reduces the noise and the frequency of calibration of digital X-ray detectors in closed cabinets
    • extends the lifetime of electronic components in the cabinet
  • Low maintenance effort by use of extremely durable diaphragms
  • High gas tightness reduces pumping duration
Scope of service
  • Replacement of your oil-sealed rotary vane pump by a low-maintenance diaphragm pump
  • Complete high vacuum unit incl. backing pump, turbopump and installation material
  • Implementation by our experienced service engineers
  • Preventive maintenance of the complete microfocus X-ray tube
  • Testing of the complete system after retrofitting
  • We support systems of the manufacturers Feinfocus, Comet, Yxlon

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