Adapting the most advanced technology of semiconductor processing, a new resolution chart for computed tomography (CT) systems has been developed. It utilizes gold (Au) as absorption material and offers 5 different sizes of lines and spaces, ranging from 3 microns to 7 microns. The new test chart is very useful to verify the performance of microfocus CT systems during calibration, alignment, setup, and after maintenance.

Layout + case and cross section

JIMA RT CT-01 Layout and Case

Layout + case of JIMA RT CT-01 resolution test chart


JIMA RT CT-01 Cross-Section

Cross section of JIMA RT CT-01 resolution test chart

JIMA RT CT-01 resolution test chart


JIMA RT CT-01 resolution test chart

Technical data

  • Width of lines and spaces: 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 µm
  • Number of patterns: 3 each (T shape layout)
  • Unit size (diameter x h): 2 x 40 mm (acrylic)
  • Chip size: 0.8 x 7 x 0.2 mm (W x H x D)
  • Thickness of absorption material: 4 µm gold (Au)
  • Pattern precision tolerance: ± 10 %
  • Holder size (diameter x h): 5 x 120 mm aluminium
  • Base size (diameter x h): 49.5 x 19 mm steel

  • Operation temperature range: 10 to 70° C

Note: A unit holder and a base are included. They will be useful to mount the unit on the rotation stage of the CT scanner system.

Recommended application

Specify a set of X-ray parameters that are close or equal to your most frequently used operating parameters. Calibrate the detector using the specified parameters. Mount the unit RT RC CT-01 on the rotation stage of your CT system. If applicable, use the base and the provided holder. Move the unit and the detector to positions that give a sufficient geometrical magnification. The magnification should allow for a voxel size in the reconstructed volume data set of at least one tenth of the pattern that should be measured.

While maintaining the chosen magnification, adjust the focal spot to detector distance (FOD) and the exposure time of your detector to avoid saturation or under saturation. If necessary and feasible, use a filter in front of the tube window or target. Rotate the unit and verify that the pattern is getting resolved on the 2D projection. Start the CT scan. Select a scanning time that is representative for your daily work. After reconstruction of the volume data set, select a cross section of the pattern of interest. Measure the width of the gold patterns and verify the results are within your specified tolerances.


Note: Keep a safe distance between the test chart and the tube window. The heat in front of the tube window or target may damage the test chart.

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