Alfred Reinhold - The Pioneer of Microfocus X-ray Technology

Alfred Reinhold

"Forget about the adventurers! The world needs scientists, engineers and skilled workers to bring the engine of civilization back on track!" The American journalist John Hoefle, who is specialized in economic subjects, hereby confessed against the meaningless attempts to rescue banks. He calls on young people to recollect that a fair global economic system cannot be created by speculative financial activities. It basically requires the creative capabilities of human intellect that is capable of discovering new physical principals and transforms them into technology that benefits humanity.

 In a time where global economy is in a tense situation a team of young engineers, technicians and businessmen had the courage to step into independence and founded the high tech company X-RAY WorX. They are concentrating on the challenging task of advancing development and production of X-ray sources focussing on micfofocus and nano resolution and expanding the worldwide service for existing microfocus X-ray systems.

X-RAY WorX is a group of highly experienced and competent experts, partly working in this business from the very beginning of microfocus technology. As the founder of the former company Feinfocus, that introduced the first microfocus X-ray system for industrial application with focal spot sizes below 5µm, I highly appreciate the pioneering spirit of the young team of X-RAY WorX.

I may proudly say that the entire staff of X-RAY WorX has been influenced by my previous work as employees and co-workers. It gives me a feeling of deep satisfaction that a team has gathered, capable to continue my lifework on highest technological standard. As a matter of course I will support the team of X-RAY WorX in technical and marketing matters.

I wish all co-workers of X-RAY WorX that they may keep their creativity they showed for many years during our cooperation; then I am sure that their business will be a great success.

With all the best wishes for the start, yours Alfred Reinhold

February 2010