Due to the increasing demand for high-resolution microfocus X-ray tubes up to an acceleration voltage of 240 kV, X-RAY WorX has extended the product families TC and TCNF with the models TCHE Plus and TCNF Plus.


Compared to other TC family models, the TCHE Plus model offers a water-cooled diamond target. It allows a JIMA resolution of 0.9 microns at 1 watt target power and a maximum target power of 50 watts, still providing 15 microns resolution. Using the optional High Resolution Diamond Target you will even achieve a resolution of 0.5 μm. The TCHE Plus model is offered up to an acceleration voltage of 240 kV.

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The expansion of the TCNF product line with the internally cooled models XWT-160-TCNF Plus and XWT-190-TCNF Plus, also featuring a watercooled High Resolution Diamond Target, meets many requirements of users in semiconductor industry and materials research. Increasing the maximum target power up to 50 watts also means a significant expansion of possible applications while still allowing for highest resolution of 0.5 μm in the lower performance range.

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