X-RAY WorGmbH was founded by Holger Behnsen and Thorsten Fröba in Garbsen near Hanover in February 2010. The German high-tech company develops and produces open, high resolution microfocus X-ray tubes for non-destructive X-ray inspection and computed tomography. After four years only, the company has successfully established in the market and is one of the world's leading manufacturers for open, high-resolution microfocus X-ray tubes.



Managing directors - Holger Behnsen und Thorsten Fröba

The founders have been involved in development, production, sales and service of microfocus systems for many years. Thorsten Fröba has been working in the development of microfocus X-ray systems from the early 1990s together with Alfred Reinhold, the pioneer of industrial microfocus X-ray systems.

Holger Behnsen knows the market of microfocus X-ray systems for more than 15 years. Both are supported by an experienced team of engineers, technicians, software engineers and businessmen who have been engaged in development, service and sales of microfocus X-ray systems for many years.



X-RAY WorX is based in the city of Garbsen on the outskirts of Hanover. The region of Hanover is traditionally the center of microfocus X-ray technology in Germany. Several well-known companies are located in this region that stands for quality "Made in Germany".

Here, the first microfocus X-ray tube for industrial applications was developed by the company Feinfocus and its founder Alfred Reinhold in the 1980s.

X-RAY WorX is continuing this tradition. According to General Manager Holger Behnsen, the central location has several advantages in terms of accessibility and the availability of qualified specialists and suppliers.


Corporate development

Since its foundation in 2010, X-RAY WorX has continually developed in all business areas. Starting with six employees, the number increased up to 22 employees in 2019. Worldwide cooperation has been established with numerous well-known system manufacturers. X-RAY WorX could win competent and experienced partners in all industrial regions of the world, allowing the company to successfully support customer projects. In this way, X-RAY WorX could continuously increase sales and its customer base.

Due to the increasing number of employees and a constantly growing production, X-RAY WorX moved to larger premises in 2018. These offer plenty of space and flexibility for development, production and storage as well as a modern working environment for employees


Production and product development

Production of X-RAY WorX GmbH

The product range of microfocus X-ray tubes – which currently comprises 10 product lines – is advanced and expanded continually by future-oriented developments. In 2012, the first patent of X-RAY WorX was approved. In addition, X-RAY WorX

is working on improvements of availability, reduction of focal spot movement, efficient cooling systems and microfocus technology. The product portfolio is completed by a variety of services such as maintenance, spare part supply, training, etc.


Worldwide partners and customers

Worldwide customers

X-RAY WorX distributes its high-resolution microfocus X-ray tubes worldwide via selected partners and OEM customers, maintaining an intensive communication. This includes regular visits, joint participation in trade shows and conferences as well as a close cooperation in projects. In this way, end customers benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and additionally have a local contact person from consulting, via purchase and installation up to subsequent services.

The customers of our OEM partners operate in different industries with highest demands on quality and safety, e.g. aerospace, automotive, energy, process industry, etc.